Lina type family consists of Lina soft, Lina sans, Lina round.

Lina Soft has a warm and humane feeling. It's legible, soft, clear, flexible, simple, and contemporary. With a handful set of OpenType features and alternatives. 
Lina round has an expressive character with its round and friendly shapes. It's Round, legible, Clear, Flexible, Simple, Modern. With a handful set of Open Type features and alternatives. 
Lina sans expresses modern vigor based on simplicity and clarity. It's Strong, Bold, legible, clear, simple, Modern. With a handful set of OpenType features and alternatives. 

The design is inspired by the Kufic calligraphic style and influenced by the Naskh style.
Lina was highly crafted in order to perform well both on screen and in print. The large x-height and open counters make it function well even on small font sizes. It has a wide range of use possibilities headlines, logotypes, branding, books, magazines, motion graphics, and use on the web and Tv.

Lina Soft consists of 7-weight versions from thin to bold.

Type design Ahmad zaza
Type engineering Mohammed Elganzouri

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